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won't eat fish any more

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I couldn't feed fish to my puppy (3.5 months) for about 1 week and suddenly he has decided that he won't eat fish any more. he used to be fine eating fish and actually had a lot of fish before (though he didn't like them as much as he liked chicken and beef)

Can I take the tough love approach and let him skip meals until he eats fish again? I know he is going to loose weight if we skips just two meals? Is it okay for a large breed puppy to skip 3-4 meals? Or should I just give in?
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Are you talking about canned fish or whole fish?
Whole fish. Since he is not eating the whole thing now (he used to) I cut it up in to pieces. He finally ate some after skipping two meals, but threw them out within 5 minutes.:confused: What's next?
Have you tried canned salmon or mackerel?
No, I always tried fresh fish since it is much cheaper here. Is canned fish better than the fresh whole fish?
Canned is not as good as fresh, but it's better than no fish at all. You might try giving him canned fish to see if he likes it. If so maybe cut up a fresh fish into small pieces and mix it in with the canned. See if he will eat it that way.
Hmmm, that is a good idea. Yes, I'll try that one. I want him to end up eating fresh fish somehow.

Glad to help! Let us know if it works!
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