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These two were probably close to the ideal switch over that you can have.:biggrin: No runs- squirts- gas- gagging. Just a couple of moderately soft stool, that still had some structure to it.

The last two weeks have had the inclusion of beef- now at chicks, turkey, three varietys of fish, pork and beef. They have had two boneless days each of the last two weeks, including one of those days being just about all beef and most evening meals boneless except for the little bone that would be in fish. We've also been able to mix it up daily or in a meal amongst differant meat sources. Liver has been being provided at about 6-8oz(close to the 5%) per week for the last 3ish weeks. Its actually the first thing they dive for on liver days.

So I'm guessing its time to add in the other organ stuff, hearts, all the misc. stuff we feel inclined to find and feed over the next couple of weeks in a patient manner.

The next thread I post, howver, will be about the Boxer. AARGH!

Thanks all!
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