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Just received this from another user:

Just curious to see why you feed Abady and which formula do you feed? I've been reading reviews on it on the internet, and the majority of them are positive. What is in this food that makes it so much better than the rest of the high end foods? I really don't see a difference between Abady and Pedigree. Except for some of the ingredients. I currently feed my dog Acana, and if there's something out there better for him, by all means I'll do my research and switch. Thanks
Formula I feed is called BASIC Granular.

I feed it because it works well for my dogs, a working gun dog (Field Setter) and an 17 year old Yorkie.

Most feeds offer a lot of gluten source proteins (grain) or plant protein. Dogs IMO are unarguably carnivores and need high concentrations of animal source proteins. Abady can deliver a high concentration of animal source proteins by sacrificing sales appeal, and making strong use of by-product meals and fats, fish meal and fish fat, meat and bone meals. All the nasty stuff that people don't want to see is in there, because that delivers the goods. This food is definitely not about sales appeal, yet they've been around for close to 40 years I think. I know someone who visited the headquarters in NY, and they got the impression Mom and Pop style operation. A lot of sales go through word of mouth and recommendation. Not typically found in stores, but more like through kennel operators, breeders, farm and feed markets, independents scattered about who order 20 boxes at a clip.

If your dogs like Acana and your happy with the results, that's all that matters.
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