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What is WRONG with people???

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Well, the person obviously has internet access so it could just be a Troll looking for any reaction they can get. There are people like that out there. If you notice the comments after the post, the person did manage to get a rise out of a lot of people. I am always a little questioning about posts like that.....the really bad english, bad typing, horrible story, yet the person knows where to post on the internet and can come back to check on any answers they get.
That sounds like a very young person or is it someone being just plain old goofy and trying to get a rise out of folk?:mad:
If that is a true story which hmmm who knows then that is sad to read!
That board needs help for sure I have never read anything there and this is just depressing!:frown:
Not going to look at those posts ever again haha!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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