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What about shedding winter/summer coat?

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Since we put my Lab on raw her shedding has gone from out of controll and vacuming 2x a day, to a amazing change. I see NO dog hair on our black boarderd japanese rug! :biggrin:
But im wondering, since her shedding has slowed down SO much, what about her shedding her winter and summer coats? Will this process still happen naturally or what?
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Absolutely. Our wolf hybrid dog sheds TONS in the spring...which is a normal process. Just take notes on it and compare to prior to feeding raw :wink:
My dogs are still shedding a butt ton, but I haven't been giving them organs yet, so I attribute it to that. XP We'll see how it goes this fall when they blow their coats again! XDD

*takes notes per Danemama's suggestion*
Our two Leonbergers, Bailey and Barnum, are shedding as they should this time of year. The stunning difference is the texture of their undercoat. Wow! It is sooooooooooooooooo soft, like down. And the tangles come out easier. They have long feathers on their tails and butts which used to tangle too much. Not any more.

Their bad coat smell was gone after two weeks on raw.
Since on raw, all of ours have shed waaaay more than they ever have but the coat underneith is so soft and shiny! They look wonderful!
Yup, still shedding for the season over here too. :eek: I think I'll take up knitting and start making some sweaters. :tongue:
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