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I'm living with my grandparents until my wedding in December, and with canning season in full swing and my grandma being "suzie homemaker" I'm kicked out of the freezer officially. They aren't welcoming of the dogs at their house in the first place, so when I tried to take over freezer space, they really weren't too pleased. I asked if I could put my own in the garage but they don't want one "ruining their space for dogs." I personally don't get it, but it's their house so I have to respect their rules.
I guess Champ will hit the Canidae (I'm on a budget, and raw is cheaper han premium kibbles) and Grissom will have Evo until December. I'm pretty bummed out, they were doing so well. I introduced pork neck to Grissom and he thought that was the neatest thing in the world. I won't miss the big mess champ makes at every meal, though.:frown:
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