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Travelling with the Beasties

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We have decided to become gypsies and are packing up the beasties and hitting the road! We get our new motor home (well, used, but new to us!) this weekend but we haven't told the dogs yet. Neither one of our dogs have ever travelled before, at least not farther then the vets. Anyone here have experience travelling with dogs? Rocky is the type that only uses one specific part of the yard to do his business so teaching him to 'go' on a leash in public is going to be a challenge. We'll pack the crates so he will have his comfy little part of home to make him feel secure. I'll get some health certificates from the vets because someone said I may need them. Other then that, I'm not sure what I should need or take with us. Any thoughts or hints would help me out. We are going from NC to San Diego and back the first trip. Why start small :)
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