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TOTW Dog Food and Gas

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I've been feeding my dog TOTW Dog Food and she has horrible gas and very smelly poops. I actually called up TOTW and was told it might be because of the high protein content 32% (High Prarie Formula). Anyone else with this problem? She's a 5 month old boxer dark reverse brindle. If not this dog food, what do you recommend? I'm thinking a non grain dog food because she is a boxer and has sensitive skin.
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Aren't boxers known for having gas? My EBT's were the same way with whatever food
I fed them until I switched them to raw. Now no more gas, or smelly poops.
My EBT has also had bad gas and poo on kibble. I also switched to raw and the gas is better and the poo doesn't smell anymore. I don't know that I will every get rid of the gas completely because the breed is known for having it, but more specifically, I can't controle what he eats from the yard since some people in the neighborhood like to through stuff in my back yard!! :mad:
The only thing I could suggest is, try changing the food, if that doesn't work then it might just be the dog. :confused: :rolleyes:
I Wish!! But I live in the city and they would have me arrested!
I have already had one female yell at me for having a 'pit' in 'her' neighborhood!!!!! LET ME TELL YOU.... I HATE it when someone calls my dog a 'pit'!!! Of ANY kind!! Clearly he is NOT a 'pit'! But that is a different story! :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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