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TOTW Dog Food and Gas

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I've been feeding my dog TOTW Dog Food and she has horrible gas and very smelly poops. I actually called up TOTW and was told it might be because of the high protein content 32% (High Prarie Formula). Anyone else with this problem? She's a 5 month old boxer dark reverse brindle. If not this dog food, what do you recommend? I'm thinking a non grain dog food because she is a boxer and has sensitive skin.
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Well if you can catch them, then have them arrested for littering. Of course, I'm sure you could excel in the dog patty flinging event at your next July 4th party. Have 10 or 12 friends bring a shovel and collect the patties and fling them into your neighbors yard. Just tell them you are practicing sustainable lawn maintenance and EBT have the best cr_ p in the world. And when fed raw - no oder - Ta Dah! With enough Billy Beer you might be able to pull it off. I just love those folks from Georgia!
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