Timberwolf Dog Food Review

Timberwolf dog food products are manufactured and marketed by Timberwolf Organics, Inc. Their dog food formulas are specifically designed for carnivores “with high levels of animal based amino acids, multiple grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and herbs”.  The manufacturer of Timberwolf dog food formulas claims that their products are free from artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We highly recommend Timberwolf dog food, it uses great quality ingredients and has high meat content.

Timberwolf formulas attempt to mimic the diet of a wolf in the wild including high levels of meats and essential fatty acids. To assure freshness and wholesomeness, Timberland dog food is placed in food grade foil-lined bags that will protect the food from oxygen and retain the dog food’s natural moisture balance.

There are currently 8 Timberwolf dog food formulas which have all been guaranteed to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles required for all life stages.

The protein-rich rations of Timberwolf dog food products are derived from top meat sources including chicken and chicken meal, herring meal, lamb meal, salmon and salmon meal, elk, bison, white fish meal, and turkey meal. Each Timberwolf dog food formula pairs up a raw meat source and a meat concentrate particularly meat meals in an effort to achieve optimum meat content and consequently high protein levels in the diet.

Fresh meat sources such as lamb, elk, chicken, or bison are desirable meat ingredients however these contain high amounts of water which is lost during processing thus leaving only a fraction of the original weight. The incorporation of meat meals is an effort to add to the protein content of the dog food since meat meals contain more than 300% protein compared to fresh or raw meat. In many dog food brands, meat meals are generic, which means the source/s are not specified. The usual sources for these meat meals are meat parts and by-products of meat processing which have been declared unfit for human consumption.

For Timberwolf, they made it a point to specify the type of meat meals to add authenticity to their claim of using only top quality ingredients.

Timberland dog food formulas may be grain-free and the main carbohydrate source is sweet potatoes, a good source of complex carbohydrates.

There are also Timberwolf dog food formulas which contain grains such as oats, barley, and millet which are also good sources of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic indices.

All Timberwolf formulas do not contain soy, simple carbohydrates, corn gluten meal, and artificial additives such as BHA,BHT, and ethoxyquin.

The addition of herring oil, chicken fat, and salmon guarantees a dog food which is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential to the numerous physiological processes in the body.

Other notable additions include probiotics and chelated minerals. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that enhance the functions of the digestive and immune system. Chelated minerals are those which have been chemically attached to amino acids to enhance their absorption and utilization inside the body.

Customer Reviews

Since Timberwolf dog food products don’t contain common allergenic ingredients such as corn gluten meal and soy, there have only been minimal reports on dog food allergies. Most of these reported hypersensitivity reactions have been linked to chicken or chicken meal.

There are also dog owners who echoed out the brand’s high prices that may seem outrageous to some dog owners. Some also criticize the poor customer service of the company.

Overall, Timberwolf is a very high quality dog food and recommended by our experts.

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Timberwolf dog food reviews

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