When your dog wags its tail and greets you at the door, it is happy. That is probably the only way dogs can show that they are smiling at you. To keep your pet in the best condition, you must always make sure that he gets the proper nutrition. This will keep your dog happy. You have to find the best ways to keep your dog in tip-top shape; your pet’s health will directly affect its behavior and vice versa. You can greatly prevent illnesses by giving proper nutrition and oral hygiene. Oral health can be affected by the dog’s diet. So, we are going to run through some points on how we can choose the right food for our dog as well as factors that can affect oral hygiene.

The reason we brush our teeth is because we do not want the build-up of leftover food that get stuck around the teeth as well as the acids that is left behind to remain on the surface of our teeth. These are the causes of damage to our teeth. So we use toothpaste to clean the surfaces of our teeth, neutralize the acids, and give us nice-smelling breath. This is the same case with dogs; we can do this by frequently brushing its teeth and wiping its gums with a damp cloth. There have been studies that good oral hygiene in people lowers the risk of heart problems. This may also have the same effect with dogs.

The dry variety of dog food is really most ideal for your dog because they have been formulated properly for your pet’s diet; the pellet’s surface helps reduce plaque build-up. The amount of feeding is stipulated on the packaging of the dog food. It is usually determined by weight, but the guide should show a certain age bracket for typical dog breeds. Be attentive of what treats you give, and what toys you play with your pet. Anything that they nibble or chew may have a profound effect on their teeth. Basically, the healthier the treat you give to your pets, the greater the chance of preventing bad breath for them.

If your dog’s diet contains the needed vitamins and nutrients, this should keep oral health at its best. Snack treats like rawhide, dog biscuits, and jerky have the same effect as a candy bar to humans. The next time you consider what food to give to your dog, consider what we have taken up, and hopefully it will help you choose well on your dog’s next meal.