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Spring, the marveous shedding season..

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So I'm sitting on the couch today and start petting Uno, suddenly I look down and I see ton of loose hair. Considering how short his coat is, this is quite unusual for him to shed so much, but then I realized that its that season and all the dogs are shedding like crazy, even the short haired ones.

I usually use a rubber mit to get the loose hair out, but today I decided to try zoom groom that I use for my cats and boy.. after 30 min. groom, there was a medium size pile of hair, I honestly didnt think he had that much.

What do you use to get rid of all that excess hair?
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I have a Furminator for my medium hair dogs, and then I use a Zoom Groom on my boxer.

Oddly, since we got her in January, my cat hardly sheds at all. The dogs are already blowing coat all over the place (being in Vegas it's already quite warm) but Ellie cat has yet to start shedding.
Its hysterical here! :biggrin:My back yard has so much doggy hair from the furminator I actually could use it as an artificial turf! I feel like stuffing some pillows! My hubby thinks the dogs will be bald, I cant get him to understand the furminator! My labs shed the worst! Ahhh hair in the air! :biggrin:Fun times!:biggrin:
I have so many brushes I htink I need to donate some to the shelter! Dogs and flying hair! Its all good!:biggrin:
I use a standard metal rake on both the short haired boxer mix and the chow/husky mix. The difference is that the short haired dogs always LOVE to be raked while the chows HATE to be raked! I get tons of hair out of the boxer and I used to get tons of hair out of my lab. My son was amazed the first time I raked his boxer and the hair came out by the handfulls. We decided we have to take them outside to do it this time of year. My chow breeder actually saves her dogs undercoats and sends it to a person who spins the hair into yarn and makes clothes out of it. I'm not sure how many vacuums we've killed with Chow hair in the spring, but it's quite a few. At least the Chows hair comes out in clumps and you can kind of contain it a little. Short haired dogs get the hair everywhere.
Yep, it's shedding season for me as well. But I stay on top of it, or dear lord if I didn't!!! There would be snow all over the backyard!! :eek: I use an undercoat rake for Aspen...
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