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So the pup decided she wanted to taste test the smoked chicken we just grilled up, she hopped up on the table real quick and as I grabbed her she had already eaten the drumstick..well not eaten she swallowed it like a vacuum. Now it was almost all eaten, some meat left on it and it wasn’t too big. She didn’t gag, well the only reason she did gag was because I stuck my fingers down her throat trying to grab it before she swallowed. I fed her 3 meals of chicken and rice, and today she had kibble for breakfast.

Her poop has been solid, a little bit loose towards the end, but no struggle going or anything. This happened Saturday night, and she’s been eating, pooping fine, she’s running around like usual I’m just not over running her or anything.

Also, she's a 5 1/2 month old, 60lb Italian Mastiff if that makes a difference. So should I be worried still?
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