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Smelts and fishies

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So I found some fresh smelts and anchovies at the Asian store. I'm excited, but I have a couple newbie fish questions...

1) Should I not worry about scales? I know it's probably not an issue with these tiny things, but if I ever fed a larger fish...

2) Do they have the potential to carry ricksettia like in Pacific Salmon? The container said they are from Canada, Peru, Japan, etc.

And while we are talking about fish, I also found shishamos, which are basically smelts with a belly full of eggs. I believe it's similar to the kind you see on sushi. Think that's worth a try? It could get messy, lol :biggrin:
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I wouldn't worry about scales. We just feed them whole: head, fins, scales and all!

As long as the fish are frozen for a few weeks before feeding you should be safe from rickettsia. I always freeze our fish for at least a few weeks before feeding.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you're so lucky to have found anchovies.....that's like a mother lode source for all kinds of goodies...

the only thing we do with fish is freeze it first.....just in case....we tend to err on the side of caution..not everyone does....but we're only four months in, so not too much experience here...

the smelts with eggs...take pics as they chase the slippery roe....should be funny :)
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