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I’m on a food search

Almost zero pet food these days is made for breeders or those trying to avoid corn soy wheat sorghum peas chickpeas red clover and lentils
Gone are the great foods we used to feed

Below is my ideal criteria
Obviously concessions will be made

There is no food that will meet this criteria exactly I’m just looking for close

Peas in any form are a solid no

Number wise
kcals over 400/cup

Fat no less than 16% but higher is better

Ca:phos 1:1 ish under 3.5 mg/kg calcium

Over 60% animal derived ingredients, over 70% protein animal derived

no corn, wheat, soy, by products, or sorghum
No pea products, flax or other phytoestrogen containing ingredients (Sesame, sesame seeds, and sesame oil,Sunflower seeds, Fennel, Alfalfa, Licorice, Verbena, Turmeric, Thyme, Red Clover, Yucca, Cinnamon)
no chemical preservatives or brewers yeast or garlic

Carbs under 40%

omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 5:1
to 10:1.

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I have found
First mate chicken with blueberries (has a lot of potato) $69/28lbs

Instinct ultimate protein chicken (has tapioca)$79//20 lb bag

Sport dog elite active but they discontinued this formula when they changed manufacturers and changed all formulas. Their new cub, tracking and sled dog formulas are possible fits except the cassava all are $69/28 lbs

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Have you looked into Farmina? I think their Ancestral Grain line might fit your needs.
Calories are 465 a cup
Fat 18%
60% animal derived ingredients
92% of the protein is from animal sources
Calcium 1.20% - Phosphorus 0.95%
Carbs 32%
Omega 6 3.30% - Omega 3 0.90%
The only ingredients in their food that are on your no list are brewers yeast and alfalfa down towards the bottom. They have other formulas as well that may be a better fit but this is the first one that popped in my mind.

Another really good one that I like even more is Annamaet Ultra.
Calories are 480 per cup
Fat 20%
85% of the protein is from animal sources
Calcium 1.21% - Phosphorus 0.88%
Carbs 28%
Omega 6 3.5% - Omega 3 1.0%
The only ingredient on your no list that I see is brewers yeast
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