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I work with a rescue in the greater Ohio area and have been fostering dogs for about a year. My boyfriend never grew up with dogs so he is not exactly head over heels with them as I am, but he is a trooper when we have 5 or 6 running through the house randomly. This past Feb he made me fall in love with him all over when he found me the perfect gift for Valentine's day....

Truman is my gift, when normally I am against this type of acquiring of a new pet, it worked for us. I got a call that came into rescue about a Afghan puppy that needed to be placed. I immediatly called the lady surrendering him and had 2 seperate 2 hour long convos with her about his well being. She had 3 poms that she rescued and was in Petland (I hate typing the word) to buy new toys for her girls when she saw Truman. He was cramped in a cage and could barely turn around and was very skinny. She asked about the dog she felt so bad for and immediatley they saw $$. Long story short she bought him for $600 with a cage and they threw in food and toys. They said he just wasn't "selling" so he was given to her at a discount. Either way, she brought him home to her 2 bedroom home with 3 other dogs and NO backyard. After 2 months she realized, thank God, he was not thriving in this envirnment, which is when she called rescue. All in all, I went to meet her that following Saturday and seeing his living conditions (not dirty or bad) I knew I had to get him out of there. She opened a 5lb bag of food a day and just let the dogs graze ..among other things and since he wasn't potty trained he spent a lot of time outside in a 12' x 16' concrete floored "yard". In the car he went and straight to the groomers. Long story short, he came in to rescue and I was fostering this little man and I fell head over heels for him. I started to interview homes but my heart was breaking everytime I called someone back..then I found reasons he wouldn't do well with the good applications that came in. My boyfriend had contact the adoptions coordinator behind my back and gone forward with adopting him. They knew us well and knew he would be welcomed so they allowed this adoption as a gift. The call I was dreding came, Ashley, we have a home for the Afghan.... silence..I couldn't breathe...then the best part...he's going to a wonderful family, no children, own their own home, have sighthound experience, there family has acreage for him to run..its perfect. Just when I felt the tears welling up..he said..its us..we're keeping him.
the rest is history..6 months later and boy is he fast, he is the love of my life, 2nd only to my Saluki..
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