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This rescue is very near and dear to my heart - I foster through them, and everyone I've been in contact with are the most kind-hearted, caring people you'd ever meet in your life. It kills all of us to have to say "No" to people begging for us to HELP with their dogs, and turn dogs away... Dogs that can not be pulled from pounds, shelters, abusive owners, may get euthed or gassed, or worse...

Please, even if you cannot donate - crosspost, post on your FB, myspace, twitter, etc... tell your friends! Thank You! :)
"Hi All,
I am posting this in an effort to keep our rescue in exsistence. Cherished Cockers is in desperate need of donations right now, we have had to close our door on the intake of cockers in need, hopefully on a temporary basis, and are no longer able to help those in need. We have had so many cockers in need of expensive vet care in the past few months, that it has completely drained our funds, and put us in debt to our vets in the amount of $4,000 - $5,000. Currently, we have over 40 cockers in the rescue, and we will continue in the area of finding them good, loving forever homes. We will then focus on trying to re-group, and work on some fundraising, and community outreach in an attempt to get us out of debt, and back to helping cockers in need again. I know that every rescue is struggling right now, and we all need the help. What I am asking is this: 1. Donations 2. People that would be willing to put together fundraisers for us. 3. Sponsors for Mia (our cocker puppy with a neurological disorder, she needs a $1,400 MRI and spinal tap to get her started on a possible treatment plan). Believe me when I say that I know times right now, and I am posting this as an attempt to reach out to those that may have the means to help. I have been trying to do this on my own, and have been hesitant to reach out to this forum, but I have decided that I can't do this alone, and the thought of having to give up, and close our rescue doors for good is very hard to bear. I truly appreciate any and all help, and it is my hope that Cherished Cockers Rescue will once again be able to re-open our intake of cockers in need again in the near future."

Cherished Cockers Petfinder page

Cherished Cockers" Make a Paypal Donation

Adoptable Cocker Spaniel: Mia 2yr: Petfinder

Thank You! :)
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