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Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but recently I went to the pet store where I always go to get my Orijen adult formula to ask about Regional Red. I was super excited about the ingredients in the new formula, and the store that I get my regular formula has the best price ever compared to all the other pet stores I've traveled to. I asked one of the girls who worked there about whether or not they would be getting the Regional Red formula that Orijen recently came out with. She said it's hard to import that formula because of compromising freshness of the product. (Btw I live in central Florida) She said only the West Coast would get it, and it'd be expensive/nearly impossible to find in the East Coast. I found to be kind of strange considering that I imagine the kibbles to last longer in freshness for at least a year or something to that nature. I mean, they don't have any problem getting all the other formulas by Orijen...

And I found one of the other pet store that charge a little more for Orijen carries the Regional Red, and they're located in Florida too...

Am I missing something?:confused:

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i live in nj and my store carries it. my store is super cheap also so i imagine its not more than 70 dollars.

what ive found weird is i thought orijen was in a recession? are they better now?
also i thought they said a few month ago RR couldnt be sold online, but ive seen it all over the internet as well amazon carries all the size also.
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