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Recreational Chewing

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My dogs love to chew. There is no happier look on Penny's face when she has a bone in her mouth and she's just going to town on it. But RFD keeps saying not to feed bones, only meaty bones. Are bones ok for recreational purposes too? If so, how often?

My mom is getting a freshly butchered, organically grown cow (benefits of living in rural Nevada, I suppose) like she does every year and I asked her to have the butcher save me almost any parts that she doesnt want and that that rancher's other customers don't want, like the tripe, tail, penis, feet, ears, snout, organs, neckbone, and any other bones that were otherwise just going to be thrown away. So now that I've asked for all this (lets hope I get a lot, since I can't normally afford a huge variety for my dogs otherwise), are there parts I shouldn't feed when I get them?

Can I at least give the raw not-so-meaty bones once a week? I'm sure wolves wouldn't turn up their noses to cow bones. But I want what's best for my pooches.

Just curious.
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Giving your dog bones is not a bad thing, giving your dog hard bones and cooked bones is not a good thing. I think that what RFD was saying is, don't go to the pet store and buy the femur bones for your dog. Those are the ones that will hurt their teeth to the point of possibly breaking them.
I go to the grocery store and buy the 'soup bones' that have a lot of raw meat on them and give those to my dog as a chew bone. There is also the option of 'buffalo' or 'cow' tails. They are in the meat cooler and they have cartlege, not bone, while still giving the dog the opertunity to chew. Those are a couple of options for you. Good luck!!
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