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Hi! I am new to this forum and am looking forward to some good feedback. Thanks in advance.

I live in Liberia, West Africa with my family and four dogs (plus other furry and feathered friends). Since Liberia is a developing country, pet health and wellness care is a little bit of a luxury. We finally have one good vet in Liberia, who serves the entire country. Before she came, the people who called themselves vets probably killed more pets than they saved. Seriously.

Hi-quality, premium commercial dog foods are nonexistent, so the only commercial products on the market are poor quality brands (but, because it's imported, it costs 3x more than in the states). Our adult dogs have always eaten our leftovers, as is traditional in developing countries. However, I just purchased a Lab/Rottweiler puppy and want to provide her with the highest quality homemade food, using locally available ingredients. While our other dogs are primarily for security, we plan on breeding this pup in the future, and want to provide her with the best opportunity for development.

I need to create a raw dog food recipe, but I have some questions and a few challenges that I hope this forum can help me overcome.

First, the most reasonably priced meat on the local market is whole frozen chicken ($2/lb.), but ground beef and pork spare ribs are not much more expensive (though I read somewhere that pork should not be fed raw). Organ meat, like beef liver, is pretty cheap. I also have my own chickens that I can butcher periodically. I also have access to fresh seafood and freshwater fish (dried). So, those are my main sources of protein.

As far as veggies are concerned, the local markets have fresh cassava leaf, potato greens, cabbage, okra and pumpkin. I can find broccoli, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and other veggies either fresh or frozen at the supermarket (though, at a premium price).

Since Liberia is in the tropics, tropical fruits are cheap and in good supply (though, they each have their seasons).

For carbohydrates, rice is king in Liberia. It is cheap and plentiful.

We have chickens and eat a lot of eggs, so I can use raw eggs in the recipe and also the shells for calcium.

Supplements are my biggest challenge. Products like Dinovite are not available. So my biggest concern is how to provide all the essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that my growing puppy needs?

Any thoughts regarding a balanced recipe that will provide most of my puppies nutritional needs?

Thanks a million!


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Pork is fine to feed raw, at least here in the us. Its a regular in our house. Wild boar is a no no here.

Veggies and carbs are not needed. Dogs have no biological need for them, and don't digest them very well. As long as you feed raw meat/bones/organs in a good variety, they supply all a dog needs nutritionally. Puppies included.
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