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I applaud those who have Raw down pat, but for me i've wandered from Homemade cooked, supplemented with nutrients, to a mix of: Raw meat, Homemade cooked meat, and coated Kibble, bone broth and veggie mixed, adding pre-mixed supplements when the ratio of homemade cooked is substantial.
I often use freeze dry raw niblets for treats along with the bully sticks and green tripe treats.
The kibble is usually Stella and Chewys raw coated kibble.
I read that when you mix Raw with Kibble all you need to do is add probiotics, bone broth, and apple cider vinegar so the digestion is functional. (I think S&C's coated kibble has probiotics? but i add my own as well to be sure).
I read this on DogsNaturallyMagazine which seems to be very good source.
I'm open to any comments suggestions:
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