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okayy . so i want to start feeding my dog a raw food diet. and ive seen so many and a variety of diets out there. but i dont know which one to go for. i found one i like but i feel like it might be missing something .
okayy so basically i would be buying 5 bags (10 pounds each) of chicken leg quarters . and ill be using that for the meat .
the second part is the veggies
which consists of
10 pounds of cabbage (but i will change it to romain lettuce)
1 pound of celery
1 pound of carrots
4 cans of greens beans
2 cans of black beans
1 can of mustard greens
1 can of collard greens
1 can of turnip greens
and i will chop all that up mix it and wala!
well my dog is a 75 pound dog . he is quite a chewer and loves bones .
i saw that you should feed a dog 75 percent meat and the other 25 is veggies .
but i feel as if this recipe is missing something? maybe some oils? some organs? should i eliminate something from it?

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I would eliminate everything that isn't meat. If you are going to feed raw, then all you need is to feed a variety of meat/bones/organs. Those offer everything a dog needs nutritionally as long as they are fed in variety. No veggies needed, since dogs can't digest them very well. Fish oil for omegas is about the only "supplement "you may need. Feeding just one meat protein doesn't get it.

If you feed what you listed in your post, you won't be supplying the needed nutrients and you will have a deficiency problem in a few months time.
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