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I'm just curious as to what "supplies" everyone has for raw feeding. Actaully, a post in another thread brought this to mind, and I thought it deserved its own thread, so here it is!

I think a secondary freezer is a must have, and sooo convenient.

My favorite meat mutilating device, is actually a Kitchen Aid Sheartoku knife that's not even necessarily geared for meat cutting! It goes through chicken and turkey bones like they're nothing... and cuts lamb breast so easily.
Pfaltzgraff Cutlery | KitchenAid Sheartoku Shear | Knife Sets etc.

We also have this two pack of kitchen aid shears, and they're decent but I don't like them nearly as much as the ones above... they don't handle the bones nearly as easily.
KitchenAid Kitchen Shears 2-pk. : Target

I also think a good cleaver is a MUST. I have no idea what brand mine is, and it's in the dishwasher right now, but I like it.
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