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I started raw feeding in November of 2018, so it's been less than a year. During that time, I've seen improvements in both my dogs. Marmite (cocker spaniel) is 10 and Crumpet (cocker spaniel) is 6, both male.

I purchase raw food from a reputable company that has been around for several years. It is pre-ground (bone and all) and packaged in chubs. They have a variety of blends that are 80/10/10: Rabbit, Rabbit and Duck, Beef Blend, Turkey Blend, etc and they use all different types of organ meat, depending on the blend. Twice now I have given them a new batch of food and it resulted in upset stomachs. The first time it was a blend they were accustomed to eating. This time it's a new type of beef blend. The first time they had diarrhea, but a few days later all was back to normal. Same thing this time, except Marmite threw up all of his half digested breakfast when I tried to feed him his dinner. I worry about my older dog due to his age, and I am just a huge worry wart when it comes to him in particular because he has always had issues. When he was younger I had hard time finding kibble he could tolerate. He often had diarrhea and threw up. He also regularly throws up bile (rarely food) which appears to be build up of stomach acid, which raw feeding has helped with tremendously, but hasn't all together cured. He also had double knee replacement...both knees inexplicably went out at the same time. He's had a lot of challenges!

Should they be on the same blend all the time? I thought a little variety would be good for them, but now I'm not so sure. Also, I assume that from batch to batch of a certain blend there can be slight differences in the food...maybe more of one type of organ meat than the other, or perhaps a difference in types and levels of bacteria. Could this account for their stomach upset? With this new blend I tried this time, could it be they are not used to the different type of organ meat? This new beef blend has spleen in it, and the other type of beef they get does not.

Can anyone shed light on this and give me some advice? I went out on a limb when I started raw feeding...everyone thought I was nuts. I don't know anyone who raw feeds, so I'm glad I found this forum where there are experienced raw feeders. :)
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