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Yellow Labradors, Ember and Comet
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I've been using Dogs Naturally for 10 weeks to source the recipes to raw feed my dogs. I've been liking it, its a lot of work but very rewarding. I just had a few questions.
The recipe that I'm using is Raw turkey can chicken necks recipe. It contains the following-
Ground Turkey
Turkey or Chicken necks
Chicken heart
Turkey Liver
Dandelion greens
Mixed berries
Pumpkin seed powder

My initial question is about the dandelion greens. I wasn't able to pick enough to freeze before they started to dissipate, and my local health food store doesn't supply them. I'm at a loss in sourcing them, but don't want to skip that ingredient since I know its a very nutritious part of the recipe. I emailed Dogs Naturally, and asked if I would be able to use a bulk dried herb I could purchase form Amazon to substitute the fresh greens. He said he wasn't able to answer my question, and I would have to figure out if it would still create a balanced recipe. I'm not entirely sure how to do the guess work myself.
I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with this topic? Can I replace fresh dandelion greens with dried dandelion? If so, does anyone know what the ration would be for replacement? I can grab an Amazon link to the dried dandelion I'm considering as well if that is helpful. Thanks so much!
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