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Yes increased water is no 1 priority.

Most of the members posting with knowledge are based in the US and rate the drug Thiola, not sure on it's availability over here, got our check up tomorrow so will ask what other options are available over here, but don't think the other drugs are without severe side effects. I'm going to book him in for castration asap as in some breeds (although not bulldogs) it has been proven to cure it, so worth a try. Apart from that they just say diet alone doesn't keep crystals and stones of this type away, so going onto hills would not only be unlikely to help combat the stones but make him likely suffer with the horrible side effects of being on the crappy food :/
Hi there!
My siberian husky was just diagnosed with cystine stone too 😩 i was wondering how your dog is doing and what you ended up doing regarding his diet. I know its been many years since you wrote this but I too would rather not feed my dog the prescribed food.
Also, what online group was it you joined?
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