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Duh! I finally got what some of the difference is between views. I do agree that feeding raw is more difficult especially in the beginning before you get a groove going.

There is a reason Earl Mendall calls kibble "convenience food".

I realized though that my pets get *fresh* food every day. I am at the market for myself about 4 times a week and the big load comes from the co-op once a week.

I pretty much only eat fresh food. I was cooking something specific for a sick neighbor - her favorite comfort food that involved canned green beans. After buying them I realized I don't own a can opener!! (I do now.)

I do make their homemade raw every 2 weeks. It takes about 2 hours (yes, I have a TV and DVD player in the kitchen!) and then I freeze that in containers.

But they still get something fresh every day. My dog ate watermelon today. One of my kittens eats spinach almost every day - you can't stop her (or me). The raw chicken necks my dog eats are so fresh they still have the heads attached. Now, for a Vegan of 20 years I think that is dedication!

Dr. Martin Goldstein says he feeds his pets whatever he eats that day. Probably when he eats at McDonalds (if he does) he feeds his pets kibble that day. <vbg> Probably much healthier than Mac's!
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