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My sister is looking into adopting a 6 month old min pin mix from a rescue I volunteer at. She is new to dogs and this will be her first dog, but having me for a sister is a major support to her. She is very dedicated and loves all animals. I'm going to make her a list of things to get for the future pup, please add on if you can think of other things:

1) Food and treats (I plan on giving her a big lecture on food.. so dont



4) Collar/leash, spare harness, id tags

5)Food/water bowls

6) Shampoo/conditioner

7) Brushes

8)Tooth cleaning kit (in case she wont feed rmb's), nail clippers.

9) Some type of chewable toys like nylabone

10) Crate? maybe, the dog lives in a foster home so we dont know yet of his living habits, although she would not leave him alone for more then 4 hours.

11) Potty bags

Am I missing anything else?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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