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OK, now Im over posting here!!HAHAHA:lol:


A friend of mine has a Siberian Husky is on Royal Canine SO for her urinary issues.
This is what I know of from her vet visit: "she has Struvite Crystals in her urine, so we are trying to get rid of and prevent them from coming back as she has had 4 UTI's in the past 6 months. All had the Struvite Crystals in the urine."

Another friend of hers has suggested Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck...Im not a BB fan....and I told her I would start a thread here asking for ya'll opinions.

From what I understand, and what Victoria stated as well the issue with Struvite crystals is that there needs to be a lot of moister in the diet, so I am HIGHLY suggesting (for processed foods) canned, or freeze dried "raw".

We are NOT looking for a "stick with the vet food" answer...we are looking for BETTER food options then what she is currently on.

Oh and right now raw isnt an option for her, for various reasons, and that is why I put this over here(until I can get her convinced other wise!👅)

I will be linking this thread over to feel free to ask any/all questions and I will answer them if needed, or she might join!:biggrin:

(Cari, if you join feel free to post any more info, or answer any/all questions!😄)
Keefer and water .
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