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As a puppy, Poseidon was purchased by a young man who wanted a guard dog. He obviously did not research the breed or else he would have known that Sibes are NOT guard dogs; quite the opposite in fact. Perhaps he knew this, but ignored that fact, thinking he could change his nature.

His methods of "training" included beatings, withholding of food, and being isolated out on a thick chain in the backyard. The man was later arrested for crimes not related to this, and Poseidon was placed in a shelter. He was pulled from the shelter by a Siberian rescue in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

My BF adopted him from this rescue nearly 11 years ago (in fact, July 1st is his "gotcha day"), and we've had him ever since. Poseidon is now somewhere between 11 and 13 years of age going by the rescue's best guess of his age. They said he could even have been 5 at the time, which would put him even older than our guess.

Despite his past, Poseidon has been nothing but a typical husky in almost every way. By "almost" I mean he's pretty non-vocal for a Sibe, and has never been destructive. He's extremely submissive to humans, though I'm not sure if that was his natural temperament all along or a remnant from his past. He still cringes even now if someone reaches for him unexpectedly, but he bounces back quickly. He loves everybody and everything (unless it's a cat or other small animal).

He really is the best dog I've ever had, and I've had a lot of them (mom showed Bichons and Lhasas in the 70's and 80's). I can't say enough good things about my fluffy old man!
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