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Our dog food store ( had their 1 year anniversary shindig today and we went for a couple hours.

We had a blast! Po got to meet and greet TONS of dogs today, it was very busy. We had good food, good convo, and Kim and CJ had yoghund for the pups, and water for the humans as well as bowls of water scattered throughout.

Poseidon is beat, he didn't drink nearly as much water as I wish he had, but we went in the store periodically and he crashed out on the cool floor tiles to cool off.

I didn't intend on spending any money, but I did buy two books: What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines by Catherine O'Driscoll, and For the Love of A Dog by Patricia McConnell. The vaccine book looks interesting, and I love McConnell's books so I'm pretty pleased.

Poseidon scored BIG TIME at the event. First CJ walked by me with a 12" bully and told me to put it in my purse. Then he gave him a mean scary kitty toy, and two types of treats. He said it's because I send so many of my PetSmart customers to their store.

They raffled tons of things off, but we didn't win anything. No biggie, we got plenty of good stuff anyways!


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awww its a really good picture.
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