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Picking a new collar.

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I have a siberian husky. Im looking at a bridle leather collar. Would this type of collar hold up for him? He pulls on the leash and I don't want to hurt him. Can anyone help?
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A leather collar will necessitate extra care. If your dog is outside a lot and the collar gets wet/dirty, it will rot faster. It will need to be cleaned and treated with leather care products to maximize its life. When the collar begins to wear, it has a greater chance of breaking than a nylon one.

You might want to look into loose-leash training to reduce your dog's pulling. Since, he's a big, strong breed, I wouldn't worry so much about him getting hurt. I used to have a black lab who was a puller, and he didn't even feel the collar - lol! I ended up getting a Halti (head collar) to make our walks more pleasurable. After that, a young child could walk him with no problem. Every dog is different, though.
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