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Petropics - Tiki dog food

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So first off, here is the link to petropics. Petropics - Tiki Cat, Tiki Dog - For the Pets We Love

I was recently referred to this food and of course, the local feed shop asked for my opinion since I practically live there.

Thought I would bring it up here so everyone can dissect it! The ingredients are listed differently on different sites so I just linked their website above. I'm on my phone and really don't want to type all that out haha. :tongue:
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I actually bought their canned foods for my cat, the people at the store said that along with Merrick, they have good success with picky eaters. I had no luck, because my cat won't eat any wet food period, but I think they're pretty good products. seems decent BUT they're pretty pricey. granted, its a really small company but dang...Amazon sells 12 cans for $40! almost had a heart attack...
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Yeah it does seem to be a pretty decent food, but for that price, I'd rather get a 12 pack of Ziwipeak canned.
Ah, I haven't fed it for any length of time, I purchased a few cans when we first got our cat and she wasn't eating so we pretty much bought a can of everything to get food in her without really looking at prices since we were in desperate mode. Really decent food, but now that the cost is pointed out, There are other more realistic alternatives in respect to canned foods. upon opening them they honestly reminded me of Merrick.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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