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I have recently found this company on internet searches and was so delighted because they offer the safest and most convenient raw diet that I have discovered. I bought their unique dehydrated chicken and my dogs loved it!

I am a raw foodist myself and I know that foods not dehydrated under 118 degrees lose vital enzymes and nutrients and therefore forfeit the status of being a raw food and become cooked. On every item that I buy for myself personally that is dehydrated, it states very clearly on the package what temperature it was dehydrated at to ensure you are consuming a live, raw product.

This lead me to call Paw Naturaw and ask what temperature they dehydrate at and I got a gentleman on the phone who absolutely refused to say. He said it was proprietary information. This man is surely living on a different planet because when it comes to raw food, we absolutely have a right to know what temperature our raw food is dehydrated at. After, he told me that it was proprietary information he proceeded to hang up on me in mid conversation. After all this, my Wife attempted to call them for five days this week starting Monday until today Friday. They will not respond.

I have stated I don't care what methods and what temperatures that are used, I just want an answer to know if it is truly a raw product and dehydrated under 118 degrees. I don't care if it is 110, 108, 115 or whatever, that can remain proprietary. I just want to verify that is under 118. Why are they so secretive? What are they hiding that they don't want us to find out?

Big mystery and a shame for duping people into believeing they are buying a raw product. Be aware of this company and avoid at all costs. Call for yourself and see the response they give you: 1.866.RAW.4.PET. It really is disgusting that a company who claims it does this for the love of animals is hiding what should be public information. This makes me even question if they are truly organic.
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