I had my dogs on Orijen Fish formula for almost a year, and thought it was a great food that was improving my one dog's skin problmes, and both my dogs seemed to like it. All of a sudden, I started having TERRIBLE problems with very loose stools in both of my dogs, and it went from bad to worse. I took them off the food, and had them both to the vet and on medications and a bland diet to clear things up. Once they seemed to be back to "normal" and had solid stools again, I tried them on small amounts of the Orijen, and the problem started all over again. It was terrible. I could not even walk them because their stools were so horrible I could not possibly clean them up when they went on someone's lawn. I finally had to take them off it and go back to my old brand of food. The problem with the stools cleared up completely. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem recently with this food?