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Organs: Meals or Everyday?

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I personally feed organ on Wednesday only, the day after fasting day. But I usually don't just feed organ on that day, I mix it with hearts/gizzards & occasionally a chicken leg.

So do you feed 1-2 meals a week of just organs? Or do you feed a little bit of organs each day? Just curious.
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I haven't started organs yet (only 3rd week into raw). Gonna wait about 2 more weeks and then I'm thinking of just throwing in liver and kidney with his meal into a ziplock in the freezer.
I feed a little bit every day. Each day Grissom gets a glob of chicken liver, and a smaller glob of beef kidney with his breakfast.

It's just what works for us, and I'm never concerned about loose stools or anything. When I'm packaging up their meals, which i do in daily baggies, I just toss a chunk of each in and call it good.
We do an organ meal once a week because our dogs are not the biggest fans of them. It would get painful to force feed them organs every single day. We don't have a set schedule or anything.
I feed organs ABOUT once a week but nowhere near a whole meal worth. Just a "glob".
I also do organ meat once a week but I feed it with a regular meal like a chicken leg quarter, elk steak, etc. I find that organ alone is just way too rich. And my dogs love the day of an extra big meal!
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