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Oliver, the dog, the myth, the legend!

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Good evening all! Snickers here barking that I think this is a pretty cool website, and I hope you will all welcome me in! I’m pretty well behaved except for one thing that ALWAYS gets me in LOTS of trouble. Apparently I get this trait from my Grampydog Oliver, who was my Grammy’s first dog. She was visiting today, and told us all about this furry, drooly legend!

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Now Grammy has always been a dog lover and after seeing the movie “Beethoven” when it came out in this time waaaaay back called the “90s”, she just HAD to rescue him.

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Well, apparently he was a big hungry sneaker monster and his FAVORITE dessert was her brand brand new Reebok pump sneakers!
He really craved the taste of them and you could always find him with a new white leather Reebok in his mouth covered in warm slimy Saint Bernard slobber!

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She said she must have gone thru a hundred pairs as he had a voracious appetite for them. Fresh right out of the box they were fair game. As she would slip on a new pair in the morning and try to lace them up, his jowls would be wrapped around the toes chewing and drooling away! He would lick and nibble on them all day and he especially loved to eat them off her feet as soon as she got home from aerobics class at night! Once he got them he would hide under the dinner table enjoying them and you could hear wet growling and snorting and squeaking noises all night. What a naughty boy!

So these were actually the last pair of new Reebok pump sneakers Grammy got right before Oliver passed away.

Footwear Shoe Azure Purple Sneakers

As much as he LOVED to eat her new Reeboks, he never got to even have a taste of these. Grammy kept them for like 30 years (!) to remember him by.

Wow! Being a big hungry sneaker monster myself, Oliver is like a legend and a true inspiration to me! Mmmmmm, slurp. I can only DREAM about how yummy all those soft chewy new white leather Reebok pump sneakers tasted!! But more about me later, I think I smell a new pair of sneakers right now in my house hiding somewhere. Gotta go sniff them out! Later all!
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