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so this post is for the dog trainers out there (well duh).

my husky is decently trained as in all the usual sit, stay, down stuff and a few tricks. shes really good at walking on a leash, etc. My one issue is off leash. Its impossible (for now at least). I've talked to multiple commercial pet trainers (like Petsmart) to private trainers to the really expensive "been doing it forever" trainers and they all say the same thing to me. "Huskies are runners. No matter how much training they get, we recommend that you don't off leash them."

Beautiful dogs. Did you work on the command "come" and if so how did you go about instilling that command?

It's a pedigree working dog and they are a bit stronger willed. In general, you get a lot more faithfulness and obedience out of a mutt. Pedigree dogs are more likely to a just a bit more tougher in that respect and more inclined to ignore commands. Huskies like to run but they are pullers to be more correct. Your dog has nothing to pull so is doing the next best thing, running and there is nothing like being off lead! It's no wonder she is giving you some trouble, she is having a lot of fun when off lead!

Total recall is not easy for some dogs. I see owners often screaming for their dogs to no avail. They think they got it because it seems to work around the yard and house but when tested the recall sometimes fall short of being reliable, and you're right, professional trainers can get expensive. Best thing to do IMO is don't let your dog off lead if you can't trust your recall. Why take a chance? You can however get some good strong rope clothesline, like several hundred feet, and give your dog only the amount of distance you feel comfortable with. Use a sturdy stick to wrap the clothesline, don't use your hand. You don't want your fingers caught up in case the dog want to pull you around! Good luck.
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