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I know there are several discussions going on about this food, but thought I'd start this thread because I got an email today from that I wanted to share. I think it will generate a lot of discussion:

A message to all members of Nutro "Nature Choice" line of food is highly suspected in the deaths of 6 Dogs in the past month. 2 were Rottwieler Rescues, and 1 German Shepherd, which were part of one household in Florida. Then another household had 3 German Shepherds in Central Florida, who all consumed this product, then all died within 48 hours. Nutro ignored the parent of the 3 dead German Shepherds and has refused to cooperate. If you use any Nutro products: stop using them at once. Return them to the store where you bought them, and tell that store why you are returning them. Please repost this critical food alert, and tell your neighbors and friends with Dogs!! A BIG thank you to DSS member Beagahoula pen for notifying us of this alert!! Visit at:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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