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No More Vet Bills

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Hi All,
I'm the owner of the above site. I started it after 20 years of working with dogs and learning about their true needs through objective research, experimentation and extrapolation from larger principles about the conditions which produce health in living organisms.

It's nice to see so much critical thinking here about the veterinary profession. Disease is incredibly easy to avoid, but you have to have the right information, and the bottom line is that this information is not being provided to us by vets. For the sake of our dogs, we've got to start recognizing the inherent conflict of interest in an industry that profits ONLY when dogs are sick.

Those who benefit from influencing the way vets are trained (like the dog food industry) are not stupid enough to put their names on the textbooks or openly "sponsor" nutrition classes. It is much more subtle and indirect than that. Nevertheless, the influences cannot be denied. There is no objective evidence that eating nothing but cereal 3 times a day would keep a human healthy, but there are plenty of cereal companies making favorable health claims about their products and lots of doctors telling people to eat them. You probably won't find a doctor who will tell you all you need to "thrive" is cereal. Yet that's what vets tell us our dogs need. Nothing but kibble, month in, month out. It's time the veterinary profession was held to account for their scandalous ignorance about the true needs of dogs, and the devastation this has wrought.

Thanks for allowing me to contribute to this forum. I look forward to participating in some interesting discussions!

(aka rawnora)
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