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Hi, I am new here, found this forum off of craigslist.

I am 31, married, female and I have 3 large breed muttz, a great dane/black lab mix (5yrs old), a golden/shepard mix (5 yrs old) and a lab/shepard/pit mix 2 1/2 yrs old). I have 4 cats, a marbled bengal (2), himalayan (3), selkirk rex (1) and a bengal mix (1), a Sunday conure(2) and 2 ferrets (5). As you can probably tell I love animals if I could handle more I would have more.

I currently feed my 3 dogs, 4 cats and 2 ferrets Orijen grain free food.

My 3 dogs get supplemented with raw diet and fresh cooked chicken and veggie/fruit diet and supplements including fish oil, vitamin e, vitamin c and glucosamine/chondro. vitamins also.

My cats get supplemented with chicken and tuna and fresh veggie diet, fish oil and salmon oil.

I am interested in this forum because I have alway been interested in what animal lovers feed. It will be interesting to get into each forum and see what is new and interesting. Hope to meet all of you soon.

Sam, Chicago, IL

Welcome aboard! I keep Orijen in my rotation for my dog, and it's one of the 3 foods that I mix for Rally, my Ferret-Monster. It's a great food!
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