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I dont feed raw, but I do feed a rotation diet, which includes some raw, high quality kibble, canned, dehydrated, plus things like sardines, scrambled eggs, and veggies.

I would never feed Science Diet, It's more expensive than Acana Pacifica, which is 100 times better! I just looked at it today.

If you dont feel up to switching to raw, do a little research on what ingredients mean in kibble. eg. Chicken By-Product Meal is basically beaks and feathers (and diseased parts) that are cooked at an extremely high heat (which basically destroys anything good), then dried. It's disgusting, and not something I'd ever feed my dogs. Instead, you want a food that says Chicken Meal or just Chicken. Then pick a good quality food.

Hills makes a HUGE profit off their food. they use cheap and poor quality ingredients and mark it up higher than most other brands of food!
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