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Hey there...just here for some info on whats best to feed my dog...I currently live in western WA, and I have a 2 year old lab mix named Kia (yes, like the car...I didn't pick it!) She is extremely loved and spoiled...

Just wondering about my choices out there...she is currently eating Avoderm, but I've heard about the controversy surrounding what part of the avocado is safe, etc I am a little concerned about her eating it. I got her about 3 months ago, and she previously ate canned alpo and table scraps, and refused to eat anything else, so at this point I'm just happy she's eating! She's just about 60 lbs, pretty active. (A spaz actually) I live waaay out in the boonies, but there's an all natural pet foods store in town that I want to go check out. (Just moved here last week!) She gets itchy skin occasionally, but it seems cleared up now with flea medicine, the vet suspects that she's allergic to fleas. The bald spot on her rear is filled in with shiny new fur now, too! Overall, her fur is much shinier and softer than when I first brought her home, so if Avoderm is a good quality food, I'm happy to stick with it. I just want to give her the best I can. She deserves it after the conditions she was living in before!

I also feed my cat Avoderm, so any input on cat food would be helpful, too. She's a 4 yr old domestic longhair, about 11 lbs. She has eaten a few foods in the past, including science diet oral care, flint river ranch and canned food as a kitten which she refuses to eat now. She will turn her nose up at anything fresh or canned. Dry is all she will touch!:smile:
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