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Newbie from the far north saying Hello, to all of you

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How is everyone doing?

I am as my handle say's. A real sucker for animals. I just adopted a rescue puppy to join my family of many other fur kids.

I currently work at a vet clinic, which has really pursued me in researching more in the pet food world, as well as in horticulture.

I am planning on going to school in the future to do a few things. 1. Help in pushing for laws to protect our loved animals. 2. To help in making healthy food for them.

I could go on and on about my story on being here. Mostly it is all due to losing my dog, "Salem" I lost her to a few vets being unable to help her gain weight and they refuse's to learn more about animal nutrient and shot dog every dog food I brought up to them. She starved to death in front of me at the vet clinic. As I and my love, tried to find her better food and methods, studied for hours, weeks and months to save her. In the process I really learned a lot about the animal foods out there and changed my life forever, and filled my heart with a new passion.

So with that being said, I am here to learn as much as I can.

I am always interested in talking to new individuals. Look forward to getting to chat with you all.
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Welcome!! You will find this site to be a wealth of knowledge about canine nutrition and health. Everything from raw feeding, to cooking for your dog(s), to the best available kibbles.

I am new here as well, but everyone seems friendly and helpful. Folks may debate issues but not in harshly judgemental ways.

I am terribly sorry to hear what you went through with your furbaby. I am thankful to have a vet who now refuses to even mention Science Diet to me, she knows I will research things and then come back to her with my decision and we discuss it from there, and she recommends any tweaks to my plans. Unfortunately I believe vets do not receive a lot of schooling on canine nutrition while in vet school.

There is so much to be learned here and so much for you to consider.
Welcome again, and enjoy!

Hi and welcome to the forum. It's nice to have you here! :biggrin:
You have come to the right place to learn about dog nutrition.
Hello and welcome to the boards! I hope that you find all that you're looking for here! Happy posting :biggrin:
Welcome ... I am also new here and still looking around at all the helpful and interesting information
Hi, I'm new too, and hoping to also get unbiased info about good food for my dog. Anyone selling a brand of dogfood is not to be trusted, I think. I also blamed the food (and my lack of knowledge) on my last dog's early demise last December. So I truly sympathize with you.

I'm not so far north as you, but our winters in Central Alberta can also be cold and snowy. Enjoy your summer, as am I.
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