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Newbie from CT.

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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!
I have 5 dogs (4 shar peis and a great dane, ages 7m.o.-6 y.o.), also a very old cat, 2 bunnies, 1 rat and 1 fish. Very busy family with 3 kids, all of them are animal lovers! Would love to know more about dogs nutrition. Currently using Natural Planet formula (organic w/chicken). Went through quite a few:
Natural Balance, Cal. Natural, EVO, Timberwolf, Wolfking with various results.
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various foods

why so many food changes? what didnt you like about evo?
food changes

I'm trying to change formulas at least once a year (alternate a protein source). So the formulas that I've mentioned were tried in the last 5-6 years. My dogs are getting bored with the same food, although I never feed just dry kibble but soak and mix with all kind of good stuff like yogurt or cottage cheese, kefir, or canned meet, eggs, canned fish....I can go on and on.
Well with EVO, although I was trying to introduce it gradually as usual, it was too much for one of my dogs for about a month, even after I've stopped feeding her with EVO she had diarrhea, we had to put her on meds to finally stop it. So I would never use EVO again. Timberwolf was hard to introduce as well, but eventually they did great. No problems with the rest of the formulas.
Have you ever tried Wellness? My dog's on Wellness Core (grain free) and she seems to do really well on it.

Also have you ever considered feeding a raw diet? Just curious. I've noticed that people with a higher budget to spend on their dog's are always more open and willing to try new things.
I've tried Wellness as well, I would love to be able to feed raw food but at this point it's a bit complicated with a baby crawling all over the place and grabbing everything, I would have to spend a lot more time cleaning the mess than I just don't have any extra time right now as I also work from home, with
my crew most of my day is already cooking/cleaning.
I just feed my dogs their raw food outside for the whole contamination reason, but I guess if the baby goes outside that could also be a problem.
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