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Hi everyone!

I switched my allergic APBT to raw three weeks ago. I had her on Natural Balance fish and sweet potato before this, which had cleared up most of her allergies, but then the past few months were really bad again. She could fill up a room with her yeast smell just two days after a bath. The vet said that food allergies should be completely ruled out before trying meds, and I had been looking into raw food for a while, so I decided to start her on pure duck from Big Country Raw (which has meat, bone, heart, and liver).

She had been really happy about it, but it suddenly took a bad turn the other day. The end of her poops were soft and mucus-covered, and then the next day she had diarrhea and puked up her food twice. The second time was only bone fragments. I gave her a tiny bit of boiled potato with turmeric yesterday and she still had diarrhea but at least kept the food down. She had diarrhea again this morning, but it was better formed and could be picked up.

Vomiting and diarrhea are very unusual for her, but these symptoms apparently indicate colitis - lots of mucus with a couple bright red drops of blood at the end. Unfortunately, our vets tend to push prescription diets with corn and gluten as main ingredients, and none of them are allergy experts, so I didn't want to ask them for dietary advice. I'm totally fasting her today to let her gut calm down, but I'm not sure what to feed her going forward. She's barking at the injustice of not getting her beloved meat...

It seems like there are three possibilities:

  1. duck allergy (although her yeast smell has gone away, she's been extremely itchy for the past week or two, so it could be allergy-induced colitis... but would it take three weeks to show?)
  2. bowels irritated or even injured by the bone fragments (she did have rather sharp crumbly poops before this)
  3. food poisoning (I only thawed her meals one day in advance, and it was usually still partway frozen when she ate it, and I washed her bowls and everything right away. but who knows? I'm not a meat expert)

What do you guys think? I only have about 5 lbs of duck in the freezer, so it's not a huge loss if she can't eat the rest. I don't know what to try next if she's allergic to duck.

Also, does anyone have advice for a bland diet? I'm not about to feed her chicken and rice. I don't have any meat besides the duck. I do have some sardines, but those are probably too fatty for a sick tummy. Maybe some sweet potato and a tiny bit of her old kibble for now? I'm afraid that any new meat could just make her worse.

Thanks in advance!

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My guess is because you are feeding a commercial raw, which isn't really "raw". You are also adding sweet potatoes, that sugary starch. Problems in itself. If you are wanting to feed raw, prey model is what you are wanting. It's a variety of different raw meat/bones/organs. Those are the only three things a dog biologically needs. Nothing more.
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