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I'd like to offer a bit of advice.It is best to feed your dog a combination of canned and dry food mixed together with your hands and not a sppon, why? Because building an emotional bond with your dog is essential.If the food you are giving him has been mixed with your own hands, it will have your scent in it. This is an important signal to the dog that you are providing this nurishing delicious meal.When buying food always check ingredience.Make sure it says meat and meat solids first and other meal and grains after.
Super Health Tip: Mix two teaspoons of RAW APPLE CIDER VINAGER in your dog's water bowl.This provides impoetant enzymes,potassium etc for good health!
Good Luch,
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Ingredients are listed by order of weight before processing. Fresh meat is listed in the ingredients first because it is full of water. Once the fresh meat is processed into kibble, the content of fresh meat is relatively low. What you should look for is a food that has a named meat meal, such as chicken or lamb meal, as the first ingredient, if not only one more than one is good as well (unless you have a allergy pet). This named meat meal is the main source of protein in the food and there for should be first on the list. As stated many other times you should go to for more info!
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