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I've poked around when the forum first started - it is growing nicely!

I live up in New England with my two dogs, a 5 year old rescued Newfoundland and a 4 year old rescued Mini Schnauzer, and my two old men kitties - 15 year old Persian/Maine **** mixes.

I own a holistic pet supply store as well as a small pet food company. Nutrition and health for dogs and cats are my world!

We also do some rescue - more fostering than anything, though we have been known to pull dogs and/or provide a safe haven for abused dogs needing out of their abusive home.

Now I'm going to poke around and see just how much has grown!

Welcome! One of my regular customers is a Newfie named Tsunami, he's a great dog and a favorite in the store. The hardest part with him is keeping him awake during his grooming appointment. He'd rather crash out on the grooming table and snooze.
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