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Hi, my name is Val and I have an 11 year old black and tan cocker spaniel. Her name is Janie. Around the age of 8 she started having skin problems. She has been on Eukanuba Sensitive Skin dog food for most of her life although we have tried other brands which she did not do well with so came back to Eukanuba. I was wondering if anyone out there knows where Eukanuba dog food is manufactured? Thanks for any help. Val.

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Welcome! :wink:

I don't know where Eukanuba is processed, but to be 100% honest, it is definitely a low quality food.

I know several cockers that have skin and coat issues, but they are in reaction to some of the grains found in dog foods, like the one you are feeding.

I would suggest switching to a grain free food. But you have to make the transition slow, meaning that the switch to the new food will take at least a few weeks. Not to mention it might take a few extra weeks to get your dog's system used to the new food entirely. Also, on a grain free food, you need to feed a lot less than what you would normally feed on Eukanuba. This is because grain free foods are a lot higher in protein, and therefore a lot more nutrient rich.

I hope you find this forum very informative about nutrition :biggrin:

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I would highly suggest you find another dog food right away. I made a list up of dog foods in my area (Seattle) THAT ARE VERY GOOD (I am sure I missed some) and some that are very bad. Take it however you want but get your dog off that stuff.
Feeding raw is the way to go and this is as good a place to start as you will find.
Good in no order.

Blue Wilderness
Orijen Regional Red is awesome
Taste of the Wild
Natrures Logic
Natures Variety
Solid Gold
Blue Buffalo
Natural Balance
California Natural

Really BAD

Anything Purnia
Anything Royal Canin
Anything Old Roy
Anythind Abady
Anything Beneful
Anything Science Diet or Hills
Anything lams
Bil Jack
Cesar Milan

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Hi Val! Welcome to the forum!:smile:
I looked this up and its disturbing!:eek:

Eukanuba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I would definelty make a switch and find a food that is of better quality and one you can buy from a mom and pop store or something of better quality from your petco or petsmart for sure! Where do you go for your food? Eukanuba Iams just not a great products, They have a great advertising company there but not a quality food!

Welcome! Instead of throwing out names of kibble brands, I would suggest you go to this website:

Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

It's a reliable source of information. It provides a ratings system for kibble and canned foods. Basically, any food with a 4 star rating or higher is decent. Some kibbles with a 3 star rating are good only if you add meat to it (this means the ingredients are very good but it has a lower meat content). Canine Caviar is an example of a 3 star kibble that has decent ingredients but received a lower rating due to the lack of meat content.

It's totally up to you to do the research and discover what works best for your dog.

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Welcome to the forum! You definately came to the right place to learn more about canine nutrition!
I'm not sure where Eukanuba is manufactured, but it's not a very good quality food, so you might want to poke around and find some other options.
Cocker Spaniels are very sensitive in general, and I have seen many so very well on a raw diet, which is super cheap for a dog that size. Maybe you'd like to look into that, it's much easier than most people think. If that's not for you, there are some kibbles that are far superior to Eukanuba.
Best of luck with whatever you decide!:biggrin:
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