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Greetings All,
I'm Piper's Mom - she's my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the adored furbaby of my heart! She came to us 4 years ago via rescue and, although she'd been treated badly, still has never met a stranger. My husband and I live in the Chippewa Valley of WI, just west of Eau Claire. We purchased a 34-acre hobby farm with hopes of someday doing animal rescue. The farm came pre-felined with 14 cats/kittens, most of which have found homes and have been spayed/neutered. We participate in a feral cat program out of the Twin Cities and we also have a rescued parakeet named Jimmi. Still, I want dogs - and am first and foremost a dog lover!

Piper suffers from allergies and the only thing that has mitigated them to any degree was switching to a raw diet. We grow much of our own fresh food here and can (ideally) trade for meat/meaty bones. I have not been successful in getting her to eat raw chicken/necks/wings but she adores venison and beef. I am never too educated and like to keep current on animal health and nutrition issues and so am happy to have found these forums.

See you on the boards!

Welcome! We have some great knowledgeable raw feeders here, step on over to the raw section, I'm sure they'll be able to help you out with your fussy pup.
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